Home staging or not?

What does a home stager do?


Home staging companies work in different ways. And yet all have only one thing in mind: to change the inner life of your

home from a sales point of view and to do so makes it look more attractive. More attractive looks usually turn into a higher

retail price and a faster sale.


The general steps regarding a change with respect to prospective buyers are as follows:


  • The house needs to be spotless.
  • Personal things are largely removed
  • Neutral tones such as beige and taupe must predominate


The house is then freed from almost all personal items so potential buyers will be able to get themselves to better imagine their own life in the house. Often even entire furnishing are exchanged, so it happens that some sellers do not recognize their own home anymore.


Here are some related professionals to complement the work of Home-Stagers:

Interior designers, photographers, real estate agents.


What should I consider before agreeing to home staging?


Staging a house or apartment is difficult for some sellers, especially if essential things too are changing. We advise you not

to take anything personally because every staging company has one thing in mind: your property to change for the

better. Nevertheless, some points should be well considered before agreeing to change essential things in a home:


  • Are you ready to change the interior of your home?
  • Are you ready to follow the taste of an interior designer?
  • Do you think that your property will sell better and higher?


Real estate agents agree that a staged house / apartment sells higher and faster. Ask us as experienced brokers if we would recommend staging to you.



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