The Selling Process from A-Z

Professional sales processing guaranteed


The experience of the real estate agent, a huge marketing program and a good client database are in addition to 

honesty and professionalism the most important requirements for a successful sale of any property.


Bernie and Julia Blumberg have over the course of their 40 years in the real estate industry as real estate agents and

property developers successfully looked after many hundreds of clients.


In order for your property to stand out from all similar properties and to attract as many potential buyers as possible, you need a strong marketing program us many different channels at the same time. The more a property is published, the more buyer visits we arrange and the more offers for our sellers we generate. (if your property is not immediately sold to one of our many prospective buyers in our datase anyway)


The entire sales process from A - Z is paid exclusively by us and looks pretty much as follows:


  • Arranging an appointment with the broker for the purpose of viewing the property
  • To optimize the sales price, discuss cosmetic repairs
  • (if desired we gladly take over the organization of this work free of charge)
  • Prepare documents for the sale of condos or houses (floor plans, energy certificate, etc.)
  • Authorization to inspect the building
  • Creation of the evaluation / property valuation
  • Set the price of the property (for example, seller's price, appraisal, comparables, etc.)
  • Creation of the best applicable marketing program in consultation with the seller
  • Arranging for home staging, if desired
  • Professional photo shooting / possibly video
  • Create a color exposé of the property
  • Placement on approx. 100 real estate portals in Munich, DE, North America and China
  • Advertising in print media, if required
  • Notification emails about the new listing to several hundred agents in Germany and Munich.
  • Notification emails about the new listing to several hundred brokers in USA and Canada
  • Notification emails about the new listing to approximately 800 potent private buyers (mostly investors) in USA and Canada
  • 15,000 Social Media Friends, Followers and Connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., p.p.
  • Just-Listed Neighborhood Flyers
  • Open House Neighborhood Flyers
  • Exclusive listing pages on our homepages and
  • OPEN HOUSES for brokers and private buyers. (always in agreement with the seller)
  • Working with Buyer's agents regarding inquiries from prospective buyers
  • Arrange and conduct showing appointments
  • Check financial qualifications of interested parties
  • Make preparations for a sales contract with the Notary
  • Receive land register entry and purchase price
  • Transferring the property to the buyer, read hydro and water meters., final report, key handover.
  • Settle accounts of notary and brokers
  • If necessary, pay taxes


We are happy to assist our sellers even long after the property has been transferred to the new owner. 


We always act in the best interests of our clients to sell higher and faster in the best way possible.


We are happy to answer your specific questions. Please click on the contact-button below. We'll get back to you faster than you expect.



Selling Higher and Faster

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We have the competence, the clients and our huge marketing program