Selling Real Estate Is A Numbers Game - by Bernie Blumberg


In other words how many properties in my area compete for the very same buyer at the same time and how many buyers can I reach with my offering.

Clearly, newspapers or Craigslist are nice for selling coffee makers or bicycles but not so nice for selling $1 or $2 million or more real estate properties. Or would you offer your 250K Ferrari on Craigslist as well? After all, every buyer on Craigslist expects a bargain of 30 - 50% and more. In addition, there are hardly any properties over $1.5 million advertised on Craigslist. 

Please refer to our biggest free marketing program and compare for yourself which of the 100+ tools you would be able to apply. As I mentioned earlier selling real estate is a numbers game and eventually a matter of how much exposure I can give my own property. Or let us put it this way, selling real estate is not necessarily a matter of IQ but rather a matter of exposure, connections and specific knowledge. That's why most private sellers turn their properties over to a good Realtor sooner or later. 

Top 10 Realtors also draw from their own comprehensive databases with hundreds of up-to-date buyers. And good Realtors usually sell up to 23% higher than private individuals. Source: National Association of Realtors.

As I said, it is all a numbers game.

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